SICP - Review

sicp book-review

SICP is one of the most venerable books in computer science, even claimed to be the greatest text in computer science by many. A book which is recommended by the likes of Peter Norvig and Paul Graham, and numerous praises all over the internet. Read More ›

SICP completed

sicp code

I finally completed SICP and solved most of the exercises. Learned much more than I had anticipated. Hopefully, will write a detailed post of my experience soon :) Read More ›

Mathematical Statistics and Data Analysis

mathematics msda

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Every rule has an exception


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The importance of books selection


My habit of spending significant time on prudent selection of books dates back to college days. Reading from classical texts has always been a prolific experience. They help in unequivocal grasp of the material while evading misconceptions. Their content have always engrossed me in the beauty of the subject. Read More ›

Hiring in Software Industry


Like many other things in IT industry, there is always a contention in the hiring process for programmers. While on one end of the spectrum, there are ardent supporters of algorithmic puzzles and on the other end there are passionate haters of the same. Read More ›

How To Prove It - Conclusion and Review

howToProveIt book-review

This is the first time after college(2007) I completed a book cover to cover while attempting all of its exercises. I started learning mathematics with a book Linear Algebra and as soon as I reached towards its end, I had already forgotten many concepts from the initial chapters. Soon I realised the need for a change in strategy in learning mathematics. Read More ›

Hello, SICP

sicp code

SICP Cover It has been long since functional programming is on my bucket list. Finally I am moving forward on this quest. Read More ›

How To Prove It - Introduction

mathematics howToProveIt

I have started reading a book - How to Prove it (author: Daniel J. Velleman). I shall be posting its solutions from this post onwards, each titled with corresponding chapter. This post contains solutions for the introduction section of the book. Read More ›

Tech behind this blog

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From last 2-3 weeks I have been working on creating this blog. Still there are few items remaining to be completed. I was looking for something that is free and provides maximum flexibility. Static site generators and Github pages support for static sites looked promising. One of the things that I loved of this setup is writing posts in your preferred editor and complete control over your data. Read More ›

Continuing the tradition, Hello World!!


After procrastinating for so long, I am finally here to start blogging. I shall be using this space for learning and sharing ideas on programming, machine-learning and mathematics. Occasionally I will be sharing my views on life, philosophy or anything that interests me. Read More ›