SICP Cover It has been long since functional programming is on my bucket list.

Finally I am moving forward on this quest.

As from numerous online posts and reviews, it is no doubt that working through Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, SICP is a great start.

Initially I thought of implementing SICP solutions with Haskell or Scala, but I changed my plan as it may create much more hurdles and probably results in dropping the plan entirely.

I will be using the current popular scheme family of language, DrRacket. There is a sicp package in DrRacket that gives the same version of scheme used in book.

I have already skimmed through a book, Realm of Racket for getting myself familiar with the language.

All of my solutions can be viewed using the right/top menu on this page.

Only one thing is guaranteed about these solutions - they will contain mistakes.

Kindly leave your feedback for any issues found. I will do my best to fix them.

Lets begin this fascinating journey…